Parametric Wall Art Fluorescent Transparent Acrylic

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Parametric Wall Art

Unveiling the future of 3D wall art with uniQstiQ's Neon Acrylic Parametric Wall Art, an embodiment of modern aesthetics, and technical precision. This extraordinary artwork is crafted from neon acrylic, composed of 23 hot pink pieces, all meticulously arranged to form a captivating 3D geometric design. The radiance of neon acrylic comes alive under light, giving your space a pulsating, vibrant edge that's hard to overlook.

Modern Wall Art

Each of these pieces elegantly slides into a brightly hued green backer board, creating a harmonious contrast that adds to the artwork's visual appeal. The neon edges of the acrylic pieces play with light, creating a mesmerizing glow that changes with your viewing angle. The artwork's dynamic shape is not just fascinating; it's a manifestation of intricate design techniques and skilled workmanship.

Proudly made in the USA, this statement piece from uniQstiQ ensures uncompromising quality and robustness. The artwork is securely hung on 4 metal standoffs, maintaining a balance between form and function. This is not just a piece of art; it's an invitation to experience art in its most immersive and vibrant form. Let our Neon Acrylic Parametric Wall Art be the statement piece that brings a modern, dynamic vibe to your living space.

Artwork Dimensions: 38"W x 38"H