Parametric Bubbles 3D Wall Art Fluorescent Transparent Acrylic

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Immerse yourself in a world of geometrical allure and vibrant energy with the Parametric Bubbles 3D Wall Art. This bold representation of modern wall art is an exemplary creation from uniQstiQ, celebrated for their innovative and captivating designs. Measuring an impressive 38"W x 38"H, this made-in-the-USA artwork is securely anchored on four robust metal standoffs. The comprehensive package includes all the hardware necessary for an effortless installation, ensuring this exquisite piece of modern wall art holds a place of pride in your space.

The allure of this artwork is further intensified by its 3D structure. The dynamic arrangement of circles, each crafted from fluorescent transparent acrylic, lends a multi-dimensional aspect to the design. These circles, in shades of radiant pink, vivid orange, sunny yellow, lush green, and cool blue, cast an enchanting neon glow. They catch and play with light, their edges radiating a soft illumination, and are underscored by a contrasting hot pink circular backdrop. This amalgamation of hues creates an art piece that buzzes with life and energy, while embodying the sophistication of modern wall art.

A key element of the Parametric Bubbles 3D Wall Art is its inherent adaptability. It comes with a variety of circular components in diameters ranging from 4" to 7". This aspect gives you the creative liberty to configure your personal assembly, aligning and rearranging the circles as per your individual aesthetics. This parametric design, a hallmark of uniQstiQ, adds an extra layer of fascination to your decor, offering endless possibilities of configuration and reconfiguration.

This Parametric Bubbles 3D Wall Art from uniQstiQ is more than just a decorative element – it's a creative journey. By combining modern wall art with 3D design and fluorescent hues, it captures the essence of contemporary aesthetics, while offering a platform for personal expression. Step into the world of uniQstiQ, and let your spaces resound with the dynamic and radiant energy of parametric, modern wall art.


Artwork Dimensions: 38"W x 38"H