Fluorescent Acrylic Neon Art Transparent Retro Wall Decor

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Product Dimensions: 18"H x 74"W

Immerse yourself in the striking interplay of light and color with uniQstiQ's "Fluorescent Acrylic Neon Art Transparent Retro Wall Decor", an enchanting piece of 3D psychedelic wall art. This parametric artwork serves as a vivid homage to retro aesthetics, ingeniously reinterpreted for the modern sensibility.

Proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A., this vibrant art piece spans 18"H x 74"W, serving as a remarkable centerpiece in any room. The artwork is framed on a fluorescent neon green base that illuminates in daylight and comes alive under blacklight, casting a mesmerizing glow.

The layout of this artwork is ingeniously parametric, allowing the user to adapt and personalize the arrangement. Slots are incorporated into the neon foundation, each designed to accommodate interchangeable pieces in neon pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange. This feature invites you to reinvent your artwork's look periodically, turning your wall into an ever-evolving canvas of brilliant neon hues.

Poised gracefully on four metal standoffs included with the package, the Fluorescent Acrylic Neon Art appears to levitate against the wall, heightening its 3D impact. This vibrant psychedelic Pop Art piece infuses a captivating splash of color into any space, weaving together the timeless appeal of retro design with modern creative perspectives.