Artificial Flower Bouquet Clematis Flower in Greenery 20" Tall

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Artificial Flower - Handmade Flower Bouquet


Clematis, Rose, Greenery Plants, Others


11.8" W X 19.7" H; 0.77 lb

Please note that each bouquet is hand crafted by florist, slight difference in shape and size exist between photo and actual product 


Silk Cloth, Plastic, PE, PU


Green, White, Mixed Colors

Clematis is a type of flowering shrub which can be grown to climb up walls or fences. There are many different varieties of clematis. The white and fragrant flowers of clematis always give a person a kind of holy feeling. Therefore, clematis has a meaning of noble and clean beautiful heart. Where is snake, often there is clematis nearby. Clematis can be applied topically to treat snake bites. So there is another flower language that forgive me and I am I am guilty of you. Clematis is the Greek word for plant that creeps along its edges. We can know from its name that its stem can be attached to the wall everywhere. Moreover, the large and numerous flowers often make people stop to admire it. Also, its stem is thin and hard, which can be related to its Chinese name. The flower color can be white and purple. For purple clematis, it is like noble women while the white clematis, it looks like a pure girl. The artificial clematis bouquet keeps it fresh and natural style, but never loses its color and life. It gives you a lasting and relaxing enjoyment without going outside.


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