Currey and Company Wall Sconces

Beautiful crystals, hand cut beads, aged brass, antique glass and gold leaf finishes abound in this collection of Currey and Company wall sconces. Enjoy fast and free shipping on these wonderful designer wall sconces for your entryway, bathroom and living areas.

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Currey and Company Coppet Wall Sconce 5900-0025


Imagine a chateau set at the hem of Lake Geneva with a dainty weathervane predicting the direction of the wind and our Coppet Wall Sconce may come to mind. Made...

Currey and Company Coupe Wall Sconce 5000-0111


The Coupe Wall Sconce, designed by Denise McGaha, will be the toast of the party when illuminating a fête. The glass saucers sitting on clean-lined stems, which hold the three...

Currey and Company Hopper Swing-Arm Wall Sconce 5000-0114


Barry Goralnick designed our Hopper Swing-Arm Wall Sconce with its gleaming backplate and hardware. We‘ve achieved the luminosity by treating the sconce to a polished nickel finish, one that is...

Currey and Company Francine Wall Sconce 5000-0108


Reflecting through its smoky quartz lens, the illumination emanating from the Francine Wall Sconce is mellowed to create a relaxed mood. The design has echoes of the past, the wall...

Currey and Company Sozanni Wall Sconce 5000-0116


Whether you feel the personality of the Sozanni Wall Sconce is most notable in the mix of materials, the smoky hue of the glass globe or the petals that spike along...

Currey and Company Figuier Wall Sconce 5000-0113


Known for taking symbols from nature and turning them into the most exuberant of motifs, Marjorie Skouras has done it again with the Figuier Wall Sconce. The leaf, made of...

Currey and Company Malvasia Silver Wall Sconce 5000-0106


You will need to look closely at the Malvasia Silver Wall Sconce to appreciate its unexpected details that include a classic fluted shade with knob-like fittings, dentil work and a...

Currey and Company Harmon Wall Sconce 5000-0117


Layering is one of the most important aspects of a sophisticated interior, a move our Harmon Wall Sconce knows oh so well! The clean-lined rectangles that create the composition are...

Currey and Company Blodgett Swing-Arm Wall Sconce 5000-0115


Is it the graceful shapes that make this fixture so elegant or the luminous turquoise color of the glass? We are of a mind that it is both, our Blodgett...

Currey and Company Trephine Silver Wall Sconce 5000-0107


With its slow-motion sensibilities, the Trephine Silver Wall Sconce cuts right through its competition to make it one of the most powerful designs we‘ve produced in quite some time. The...

Currey and Company Wystan Wall Sconce 5900-0026


How can a design be both playful and serious? Our Wystan Wall Sconce answers this question with its whimsical trotting horse and the overall sophistication of its composition. Made of...

Currey and Company Chiffonade Wall Sconce 5000-0112


Any way you slice it, our Chiffonade Wall Sconce has an elegant fluidity in its lines that curl toward the wall and end at the top and bottom with a...

Currey and Company Carthay Wall Sconce 5000-0109


If a light fixture could give itself a hug, our Carthay Wall Sconce would be the embodiment of this. The curving motif wrapped in Abacca rope is an embracing design...

Currey and Company Brinnin Wall Sconce 5900-0024

$690.00 $750.00

Not only does our Brinnin Wall Sconce have gorgeous lines that flow up to the shade, it fits so snuggly to the wall it is ADA compliant. To give it...

Currey and Company Moineaux Wall Sconce 5000-0110

$890.00 $950.00

Instead of placing a beautiful bird within the cage of our Moineaux Wall Sconce, we‘ve filled it with luminosity. The dense placement of the ribs of wrought iron that we‘ve...

Currey and Company Pristine Wall Sconce, Silver Leaf 5117

$390.00 $450.00

The elegant burnished silver leaf finish interacts with the softly diffused light emanating through the opaque glass shade to make the Pristine Wall Sconce a lovely luminary for spots where...

Currey and Company Fiona Wall Sconce 5120

$510.00 $650.00

The Fiona Wall Sconce features winsome recycled glass discs that have been recast into textural reflectors for its one candelabra bulb. Fanning out from the echoing rounded back-plate, the hand-crafted...

Currey and Company Spotlight Wall Sconce 5027

$490.00 $550.00

A reflection of the place where classic shapes meet modernized lines and contemporary materials, the Spotlight Wall Sconce is one of our most popular single-light sconces. Beautifully clad in mirror...

Currey and Company Wharton Wall Sconce 5031


Slender strips of seeded glass are precisely hand-cut and fitted into the curved frame of the Wharton Wall Sconce. The textural glass and a gold reflector give the light source...

Currey and Company Corsica Wall Sconce 5032


This jewel-box of a fixture will outshine any other baubles in a space, and maybe its own illumination, thanks to the inlaid squares of antiqued mirror and antique silver leaf...

Currey and Company Winchester Wall Sconce, Gold Leaf 5900-0010

$410.00 $550.00

The gold frame of our popular Winchester Wall Sconce has a curving shape that will prove to everyone the space has divined a magnetic sense of style. The wrought iron...

Currey and Company Porthole Wall Sconce, Silver 5900-0003

$530.00 $650.00

Like a cross between a delicate piece of jewelry and the seaworthy window that shares its name, the silver version of our Porthole Wall Sconce is glamorous and refined whether...

Currey and Company Ashdown Wall Sconce, Silver Leaf 5900-0004

$420.00 $550.00

The look of hammered simplicity brings the silver version of our Ashdown Wall Sconce an industrial style but the silver leaf finish and champagne silk shade elevate it far above...

Currey and Company Ashdown Wall Sconce, Gold Leaf 5900-0005

$420.00 $550.00

The look of hammered simplicity brings the gold version of our Ashdown Wall Sconce an industrial style but the antique gold leaf finish and champagne silk shade elevate it far...

Currey and Company Cornwall Wall Sconce, Silver Leaf 5900-0006

$470.00 $550.00

The wrought iron stems holding the natural linen shade of the silver version of our Cornwall Wall Sconce seem to be standing on tiptoe to extend its illumination into the...

Currey and Company Protocol Wall Sconce, Silver 5000-0042

$450.00 $650.00

The Protocol Wall Sconce is a contemporary rendition of a traditional form that has been treated to a stunning silver leaf finish to provide the outer frame and the arm...

Currey and Company Gingko Wall Sconce, Silver 5900-0009

$740.00 $850.00

The beautifully realized silver version of our Gingko Wall Sconce is one of our bestselling botanical-inspired motifs at Currey & Company. The captivating silhouette of the one-light fixture is enlivened...

Currey and Company Birdwood Wall Sconce 5221

$740.00 $850.00

A flourish of climbing leaves forms the body of the luxurious nature-inspired Birdwood Wall Sconce. A hand-applied textured gold leaf finish adds depth and richness to the two-light fixture to...

Currey and Company Chanteuse Wall Sconce 5224

$1,620.00 $1,850.00

The classical pear shape of the Chanteuse Wall Sconce has been a favorite of sophisticates for quite some time, but our version of this beaded marvel has been updated with...

Currey and Company Bookclub Swing-Arm Wall Sconce 5226

$780.00 $850.00

Nothing thrills a book lover like a functional reading light, but few we’ve seen would also make a lover of industrial chic style so giddy! Our Bookclub Swing-Arm Sconce is...

Currey and Company Pristine Wall Sconce 5000-0017

$385.00 $450.00

An elegant mottled gold leaf finish interacts with the softly diffused light emanating through the opaque glass shade to make the Pristine Wall Sconce a lovely luminary for spots where...

Currey and Company Wolverton Wall Sconce, Silver 5000-0018


Expect a sizable dose of nostalgia to enter the room when this slender fixture is introduced. The silver version of our Wolverton Wall Sconce, finished in a Viejo silver and...

Currey and Company Glacier Wall Sconce, Gold 5000-0020

$430.00 $550.00

Mysterious in its opacity, the shade of the gold version of our Glacier Wall Sconce releases its illumination softly but surely. Adding to its icy appeal is the contemporary gold...

Currey and Company Charade Wall Sconce, Silver 5000-0025

$520.00 $650.00

First word sounds like chic; second word sounds like handsome. The silver version of our Charade Wall Sconce is a chicly handsome light fixture crafted from fine wrought iron that...

Currey and Company Kiran Wall Sconce 5000-0026

$390.00 $450.00

The silver version of our Kiran Wall Sconce is all about seeing the light with its distinctively fastened clear glass shade. Made from sturdy wrought iron, the sconce has been...

Currey and Company Crystal Lights Wall Sconce 5000-0027


The Crystal Lights Wall Sconce flaunts its jewelry fittingly, as its beads are far from mere ornamentation: they are essential to the heart of this design. The crystals swag between...

Currey and Company Sethos Wall Sconce 5000-0028


A geographically smart fixture in the Sethos family, the silver version of our Sethos Wall Sconce has a keyhole that dangles a recycled glass disc. The linear wrought iron frame...

Currey and Company Eternity Wall Sconce, Gold 5000-0030

$740.00 $850.00

Time-honored shapes stick around for a reason: they echo motifs created by masters of eras past. The gold version of our Eternity Wall Sconce with its antique gold leaf finish...

Currey and Company Avalon Wall Sconce, Silver 5000-0032

$450.00 $550.00

When a straightforward simplicity is demanded, the silver version of our Avalon Wall Sconce in a silver Granello finish steps to the front of the line, its furling perch punctuated...

Currey and Company Primo Wall Sconce 5000-0033

$280.00 $350.00

The nickel version of the Primo Wall Sconce is to a space what a classic lapel pin is to a woman’s elegant suit. It was inspired by mid-century modern stylistic...

Currey and Company Orleans Wall Sconce 5000-0034

$430.00 $550.00

Hand-crafted wrought iron takes on a classical personality when accented by traditional acanthus leaf ornamentation and finished in a mix of gold and silver leaf. Not overly ornate, the two-light...

Currey and Company Lana Wall Sconce, Cream 5187

$730.00 $850.00

Glamorously fusing a traditional form with unexpected materials, the cream version of the Lana Wall Sconce is a lovely composition. Gray and milky glass beads comprise the strands of this...

Currey and Company Highlight Wall Sconce 5000-0038


The elegant wrought iron frame of the bronze version of our Highlight Wall Sconce curves upward in a lovely, slender arc to culminate at two lights that can be fitted...

Currey and Company Primo Wall Sconce 5000-0021


Inspired by mid-twentieth century stylistic design, the Primo Wall Sconce boasts exquisite detailing and Antique Brass finishing. Brass trim accentuates the sophisticated Black shades. PRODUCT NAME: Primo Wall Sconce STOCK STATUS: 27...

Currey and Company Fallbrook Wall Sconce 5000-0050

$495.60 $555.00

A beacon of design with its traditional slim hurricane-shaped shade, the Fallbrook Wall Sconce harkens back to the days when coaches were fitted with candle-filled lamps. The crystal-clear glass is...

Currey and Company Eufaula Wall Sconce, Small One-Light SET OF TWO 5061



Currey and Company Marseille Wall Sconce 5000-0039


The silver version of our Marseille Wall Sconce showcases a classic elegance with a simple silhouette that is a nod to French country style. An antiqued mirror back plate surrounded...

Currey and Company Chanson Wall Sconce 5206


The Chanson Wall Sconce, like its sister chandelier, is a lovely showcase of form and style. Shapely waving bands of silver Granello-finished wrought iron hold frosted glass beads to fashion...