Aidan Gray Lighting

Show off your grand European style in your living room, office and bedroom with elegant table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and wall sconces from Lovecup's Aidan Gray Collection. Exquisite details of gold leaf, antique silver and washed white accents make these lighting pieces truly timeless.

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Aidan Gray Amber Silver Chandelier L581 CHAN

$900.00 $1,210.00

There’s no denying our Amber Silver chandelier would be right at home illuminating the state apartments of a princess of the realm, but you don’t have to be royalty to...

Aidan Gray Pauline Chandelier L300


FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. This Aidan Gray high Italian Pauline Chandelier is dramatic and oversized to set the tone for...

Aidan Gray Leuven Chandelier L471RW


FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. Leuven Chandelier Rustic white wood with antique gold leaf metal accents Wattage: 60W (6) / Hardwire...

Aidan Gray Konstantin Chandelier L564


This Aidan Gray Konstantin Chandelier is grand in details. This Italian carnival chandelier adds shimmering gold to any hallway, entryway or living space. Material: Wood, Birch In Stock and ships...

Aidan Gray Molines Chandelier L598


FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. DATE EXPECTED: 08/27/2018 This Aidan Gray Molines Chandelier features 6 total bulbs and looks great with...

Aidan Gray Estelle Pendant L263


This Aidan Gray Estelle square pendant in distressed gold finish brings class and innovation to our series of gilded, open styled products. Candle sleeves are 3.5" H. Requires 4 candelabra...

Aidan Gray Villa Lantre Chandelier L443 CHAN


FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. You will love this Aidan Gray Villa Lantre Chandelier. Aidan Gray represents a love for home interiors,...

Aidan Gray Garden Chandelier L447


Among the most beautiful aspects of a garden are the leaves stirring in a summer breeze. This is precisely why we created our Garden chandelier. The homage to nature’s cultivated...

Aidan Gray Mumaw Chandelier L147

$900.00 $1,375.00

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. This gorgeous Aidan Gray Mumaw Chandelier features 6, 60W candelabra bulbs and is made with Asian...

Anna Chandelier L505


Back in Stock July 29th, 2016. Anna Chandelier Burlap Band, Rustic Wood Finish, Distressed Gold Leaf Drops, Antique Brass Finish Wattage: 60W (4) / Hardwire. Aidan Gray Anna Chandelier, L505,...

Aidan Gray Fiesole Chandelier L448

$836.00 $1,045.00

Aidan Gray Fiesole Chandelier, Silver, L448 Height 24 Width 22 Depth 22

Karolina Chandelier

$1,386.00 $1,634.00

Inspired by the Aidan Gray column lamp, the Karolina chandelier is a perfect balance of dramatic scrolling arms grounded with a significant base & column finished in a silver leaf....

Karolina Chandelier


Aidan Gray Moss Pendant


This Aidan Gray Moss Pendant is great for those looking to keep a clean and open look in their entryway or kitchen. The open feel reminds one of an outdoor...

Aidan Gray Carew Court Chandelier L441

$2,700.00 $4,125.00

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. Enjoy the Carew Court Chandelier in your home today! Height 32.5 Width 33.5 Depth 30

Aidan Gray Naples Chandelier, Large White L430


If you’ve traveled to Napoli, you’ve likely seen any number of the historical precursors of our Naples Large White chandelier in one of the city’s unforgettable villas. Treated to an...

Aidan Gray Bayonne Chandelier L507 CHAN

$450.00 $770.00

The Aidan Gray Bayonne Chandelier contrasts rich materials to offer stunning illumination to living rooms and hallways. With a handmade, gold bead plated finish, this gold metal and rope light...

Aidan Gray Lena Chandelier, Small Gold L630S

$900.00 $1,232.00


Aidan Gray French Lantern Pendant #L563, Small

$1,200.00 $1,450.00

Quite essentially French, this dramatic French Lantern Pendant #L563 developed from architectural fragments is the perfect way to add a sophisticated look to any room. Available in two sizes. Small....

Aidan Gray JL Grace Chandelier L445 CHAN


You will love this Aidan Gray JL Grace Chandelier. Aidan Gray represents a love for home interiors, authentic design and luxury decor products that exude "European Grandeur." This embodies Aidan Gray’s...

Aidan Gray Eda Pendant L130

$880.00 $995.00

With all of the romantic connotations of a Venetian lantern, our Eda pendant will bring an exotic mystery to the room it illuminates. Think charming powder room or beautiful bedroom,...

Aidan Gray Marisol Gold Chandelier L420

$975.00 $1,452.00

With as memorable a profile as lace flowing from a fanciful hair comb, our Marisol Gold chandelier would be right at home illuminating the delightful dressing table or bewitching boudoir...

Aidan Gray Landini Chandelier, Large, L446L

$1,050.00 $1,639.00

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. Aidan Gray Landini Chandelier (Large) Height 48 Width 48 Depth 42.5

Aidan Gray Eureka Bell Pendant Light, L855

$330.00 $412.50

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. Height 17 Width 13.75 Depth 13.75

Aidan Gray Jonas Table Lamp, Distressed L620

$235.00 $265.00

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. This is an elegant and diminutive table lamp that adds architectural charm to any space where light is needed but where you want to maintain...

Aidan Gray Conques Table Lamp L615

$473.00 $550.00

As dramatically conceived as a mount on a gilded desk or pier table from the Grand Siècle or the Empire era, the flourish on our Conques table lamp has been...

Aidan Gray Sheridan Table Lamp L876


  Lovers of antique shopping will adore our Sheridan table lamp with its rustic layered white finish and andiron-like shape. Though it seems convincingly conceived from metal, the body of...

Aidan Gray Lucette Table Lamp L174

$209.00 $245.00

The history of garden ornamentation is long and illustrious. Our Lucette table lamp in an aged cream finish was designed after one of the garden’s most celebrated vessels, the urn....

Fergus Table Lamp, Gold

$618.75 $745.00

Aidan Gray Fergus Table Lamp in Gold. DATE EXPECTED: 04/29/2016 Height 30 Width 16 Depth 16

Aidan Gray Fergus Rustic Silver Table Lamp L875 RUSTIC SILVER

$638.00 $750.00

Exhibiting all the charm of a lamp that might be found in a formal Italian villa designed during the grand Renaissance era in Florence, our Fergus Rustic Silver table lamp...

Aidan Gray Powell Table Lamp L871

$638.00 $750.00

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. IN STOCK AND SHIPS WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS. Made of wood, metal. This beautiful Powell Table Lamp exudes style. Available in eye-catching colors and in...

Aidan Gray Kissia Gold Table Lamp L809 GOLD

$625.00 $750.00

Kissia Lamp, Gold Wattage: 150W Max Switch Type: 3-Way Turn Knob Shade options available in 4 additional colors. Sold as a set of 2 Table Lamps. SKU L809 GOLD Color...

Kissia Lamp, Silver

$519.75 $630.00

You will Love the new Aidan Gray Kissia Lamp in Silver. Order requires two lamps. Shades are 18" and you can choose from black, dark gray, light gray, white or...

Kissia Lamp, Silver


Aidan Gray Lochlan Table Lamp L226

$495.00 $650.00

The popular Lochlan Fragment comes to life as a table lamp! This beautiful hand-carved fragment was so popular, we couldn't resist. Complete with an iron base and a tea-stained cord,...

Big Horn Table Lamp


You will love this Aidan Gray Big Horn Table Lamp. Aidan Gray represents a love for home interiors, authentic design and luxury decor products that exude "European Grandeur." This embodies Aidan...

Aidan Gray Balustrade Table Lamp L418


As if salvaged from a fashionable balcony in one of Italy’s great cities, our Balustrade table lamp might seem more architectural accent than light source but it is so much...

Aidan Gray Silver Soda Table Lamp L720 HOM

$550.00 $635.00

Color Silver UPC Code 00842210108301 Color/Finish Silver Soda Height 32.5 IN Width 20 IN

Aidan Gray Susanna Rain Lamp L670

$462.00 $550.00

Color/Finish Silvered Blue Height 31 IN Width 18 IN Depth 18 IN

Aidan Gray Olivia Table Lamp, Distressed L622 DIST


FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. This classic shape is perfect to go just about anywhere, with dark gray shade. Height 19 Width 8 Depth 8 Dimensions 4 3" base

Aidan Gray Lyra Lamp L823


Aidan Gray Lyra Lamp #L823 Color/Finish Capiz Shell/Gold Accents Height 24.5 Width 16 Depth 16

Aidan Gray Dinard Table Lamp Gold L616


The Dinard Gold table lamp mimics the wire form that is ubiquitous in the garden but on a sturdier scale. Because of its mesh-like surface, the funnel shape creates a...

Aidan Gray Samuel Table Lamp, Gray L814

$400.00 $473.00

When wood takes on the gleam of luxuriant glass, it’s the mark of truly talented finish artisans. Our Samuel Gray table lamp is proof of this, the carved wood body...

Aidan Gray Penelope Table Lamp, Silver L807 SILVER

$638.00 $702.00

Like a lovely mid-century modern vase that has been electrified, our Penelope Silver table lamp will heighten the 50’s charm of a vintage room or add a dash of classic...

Aidan Gray Selma Lamp L232

$409.99 $520.00

Resting on top a black metal base, the Selma Lamp features flecks of silver leaf made to look 100 years old! Finished with a Dark Linen shade and a tea-stained...

Aidan Gray Tassel Lamp, Gold L624

$195.00 $298.00

Add a little architectural whimsy to any small space with this perfectly placed tassel. Refined & elegant, the finish adds a little shimmer to any space. Material 1 Resin Material...

Aidan Gray Rakel Table Lamp L625GLD


FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. USE CODE LOVE10OFF FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. Our most popular tie back is now captured & illuminated as the perfect architectural accent lamp...

Aidan Gray Blue Silver Leaf Lamp L690 HOM

$440.00 $550.00

SKU L690 HOM UPC Code 00842210108509 Color/Finish Navy & Silver Leaf Height 27 IN Width 18 IN Depth 18 IN

Baxter Lamp


Min. Order Qty is 2. The Baxter Lamp is a juxtaposition between modern forms and antiqued stylings. The Soft Grey finish adds character to the already interesting lamp base. **THE...

Aidan Gray Zachary Table Lamp Gold L815 GOLD


Aidan Gray Zachary Lamp in Gold. Choose between a 16" dark gray, light gray, black, white or linen lamp shade.  Free Shipping in the US. Color/Finish Aged White/Gold Leaf Material...