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Magisso Magnetic Tea Ball, Tea Green


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Time to make your heritage teapot cool again with the smart Magnetic Tea Ball by Magisso.

The Magnetic Tea Ball works in every teapot, and there will be no more dripping because it's 100% drip free and waste free. It's time to get right to enjoying your tea!

  • Magnetic tea-ball-infuser holds the tea ball inside the teapot.
  • Made of Food safe Silicone and stainless steel.
  • Designed by Simon Stevens.
  • Comes in Black and Tea Green.

1. Fill up the the Magnetic tea-ball-infuser with your most loved tea.

2. Place the suction part of the tea-ball  inside the lid of your teapot.

3. Pour hot water into your teapot.

4. Place the lid on to your teapot with the tea-ball  hanging under water.

5. When your tea is brewed just fix the Tea Ball to the sucker with a spoon.

The magnets on the sucker and the tea-ball will secure it above the water level.

This way  your tea doesn’t get bitter and you won’t drip tea everywhere, plus there is no waste when you use loose leaf tea. Just compost your tea and return to the earth.

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