Aqua Zinger Stainless Steel and Pink


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We need to drink more water, but sometimes plain water just gets boring. Not anymore, the Aqua Zinger with Sport Cap offers a fun way to enjoy drinking water by helping you create tasty water infused creations with fruits, vegetables and herbs. With the Aqua Zinger Sport you will drink more water and satisfy your taste-buds.

The Aqua Zinger Sport water bottle works by subtly infusing water with flavors from limes, lemons, cucumber and almost every kind of fruit. From blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, peach, ginger and even mint and basil – your Aqua Zinger Sport will infuse them all. The flavors and ingredients are only limited by your imagination.

The Aqua Zinger Sport has the unique ability to create all-natural beverage options that are light and refreshing and the sport cap provides a drip free sip that is quick and convenient. The sport cap also has a removable straw for easy and thorough cleaning.

Each Zinger is simple to clean and allows you to enjoy creating tasty new water infusions.

  • unscrew the bottom of the Aqua Zinger Sport
  • add ingredients of your choice like fruits and herbs
  • screw bottom lid back on a few times
  • fill with water (or other liquid of choice)
  • shake and let it steep for about 10-15 minutes

Now you are ready to enjoy! When you screw on the bottom cup, the blades simultaneously grind the ingredients, releasing tasty juices and allowing them to infuse into the water.

The recommended Aqua infusion shelf life is three days for all beverages, if refrigerated. If you plan to consume your Zing creation within a 12-hour period then no chilling is required.

Aqua Zings typically produce more than one drink per grind, however allowing some time for steeping will enhance the flavor, especially on multiple fill-ups. In order to return to a tasty concentration, we recommend adding new ingredients after two servings have been enjoyed (or 40 ounces).

Empty the Zinger completely, discard used ingredients, and clean before Zinging a new tasty batch of flavored water.

Aqua Zings have more robust flavors after 20 minutes of steeping, and shaking is key. Make sure to use fully ripened ingredients. Harder ingredients such as granny smith apples will work, but allow for longer steeping times (i.e. overnight).

  • Citrus Zinger Use cold, filtered water if possible.
  • Add ice by removing the citrus press and adding it to the wide end of the bottle.
  • It is recommended to keep drinks chilled as infused water is best served cold.
  • Make sure the bottom cup and top cap are tightly fastened tightly when creating or storing a Zing.
  • For a unique Zing, try combining citrus fruits, such as lime and tangerine or lemon and clementine.

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