Hiroshi Koshitaka

The Hiroshi Koshitaka Collection

Poetry of Light & Shadow

Hiroshi Koshitaka draws inspiration from Japanese architecture and culture. He has created a stunning lighting collection for Currey & Company. The new collection is a collaboration of three designers – Hiroshi Koshitaka, Mieko Koshitaka, and Kei Koimuma. Each one brings special skills and expertise to the designers table. Mr. Koshitaka is a self-taught designer with years of experience in architectural installations. With skillful precision he guides the entire process from concept to the finished product while working alongside craftsmen to ensure the best product. Mieko Koshitaka is a graduate of Musashino Art University where she studied textile design. Traditional Japanese handicrafts, fashion, and textiles influence Ms. Koshitaka’s designs. Kei Koimuma graduated from Hiroko Michida School of Design where she studied architectural drawing. Ms. Koimuma grew up surrounded by artistic metal-working. She has a keen awareness for handmade products while still possessing all the skills to create modern design. This design trio has created a lighting collection that is both dramatic and timeless.